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Breast Cancer Boot Camp - Dr. Hobbins's Breast Thermography Revolution
by William B. Hobbins M.D. & Wendy Sellens L.Ac.

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Ensure Breast Health - Become Estrogen Free!

Today we women are caught up in a battle for our breasts and our lives. Every year more and more of us fall victim to breast cancer while America leads the way with one of the highest occurences of cancers. It is time to take up arms and expose the deceptions of breast health. The propaganda of "staying young" with bio-identical estrogen, flax and soy-based products are literally killing women. These therapies have become the mantra of breast health. All you have to do is repeat a statement enough times and people will believe it is a fact, even without evidence to support it. If these types of estrogen are truly "healthy" why are breast cancer numbers rising, even amongst men? Do not let these fallen comrades become more statistics to fill headlines and further the "cause" for more walks.

This information may be overwhelming, but it is vital to understand what the causes and conditions are, so that it can be treated and defeated. Excessive estrogen is the main culprit. The first signs of overexposure to estrogen may be a period before age 14, PMS, weight gain or inability to lose weight even with diet and exercise, abnormal hair loss, infertility, irritability, insomnia, hot flashes and the list goes on. This book will evoke powerful emotions. The images and facts stated in this book will show women the opposite of what they have been told by trusted professionals concerning breast health. It will make some angry and some may not want to believe the evidence. We have been told so many times that estrogen is good we actually believe it. Some of us even question and flinch when a specialized doctor tells us it isn't.

It is socially challenging to argue that excess estrogen is harmful, but the truth is scary. In order to defeat an enemy we must know the enemy. To shun the truth only promotes failure to take control of our health and future. Let's return back to the basics when estrogen wasn't prescribed and we were actually healthy. This book is a reminder of how we use to be healthy and didn't use a pill to solve our issues, but rather common sense.

Breast cancer causes fear. This fear is the chain that keeps us locked in the cold manipulation of propaganda's promise of a cure. Prepare, be strong for the battle. Join the revolution. Arm yourself with knowledge, with knowledge comes power and with power victory is attainable. This book will change your breast health and your life.

Don't focus on a cure to an illness; focus on strengthening your health to prevent illness! The only sure cure is prevention.

Please read below excerpts from "Breast Cancer Boot Camp"

Decrease your chances of breast cancer by excluding ALL environmental estrogens from you lifestyle. With the introduction of environmental estrogens to the body in the last few decades we have seen disastrous results. Environmental estrogens are any estrogens found outside the body. Environmental estrogens are one of the major reasons for the increase in breast cancer rates. Estrogen stimulates breast cells' growth and function; if a breast cancer cell is present, it has the possibility of "feeding" the cancer. Estrogen does not cause breast cancer, it "feeds" the cancer. The addition of environmental estrogens to our bodies is causing hormone imbalances in women and increasing their risk of breast cancer.

In the early 1900's only one in 80 had cancer. Cancer has continued to rise over the past decades. America has one of the highest occurence rates of cancer. The American Cancer Society estimated women diagnosed increased from 175, 000 in 1999 to 211,300 in 2003. The National Cancer Institute reported that breast cancer increased by more than 40% from 1973-1998. Breast cancer has risen from 1 in 30 women to currently 1 in 8. Not only are the numbers increasing, but the average age is getting younger and now more men are being diagnosed with breast cancer.

The biggest misconception in the rising breast cancer epidemic is intake of estrogens. Here is a quick lesson in hormones. When women begin to enter menopause they stop producing eggs. As soon as ovulation ends so does progesterone and estogen production! No egg, no estrogen, no progesterone! However, due to environmental estrogens most women have excess estrogen and have sign and symptoms associated with that. If most women have excess estrogen, why do Doctors prescribe more estrogen? Studies clearly show increased estrogen increases risk of breast cancer and uterine cancer. Why, since the introduction of supplemental estrogen have breast cancer rates risen? Many women believe they are actually low in estrogen, which is another misconception. Please keep reading to learn the reasons why. Skip below to Misconceptions With Estrogen.

Most lifestyle choices, even those considered "healthy" are causing cancer. The food you eat, the products you put on your skin, the products you use in your home, and the pharmaceuticals you are using including bio-identical estrogens. All of this is putting you at risk and has catapulted the United States to become one of the highest incidences for cancer. So it is time to educate yourself!

Consider the following suggestions to increase breast health. All the tips are supported by clinical studies and Pink Image's Gold Standard Imaging. It is difficult to make these changes all at once so take your time. Every tip makes a little difference. Early detection provides the best chance of winning the battle against breast cancer even before it starts. Prevention is the only sure cure.

Quick lesson in vascularity to understand images: Estrogen stimulates breast cells; stimulation causes activity, activity is picked up the infrared camera as heat, which is referred to as vascularity. Thermography documents the amount of breast stimulation.


1) Phytoestrogens

Phytoestrogens are estrogens derived from plants that attach to receptors for estrogen in the breasts.


Numbers below are taken from "Implications of Phytoestrogen Intake for Breast Cancer" The Cancer Journal of Clinicians 2008)

Also read:

The Flax Myth by Wendy Sellens, L.Ac. & William Hobbins, M.D.

AVOID SOY 8,000 units per ¼ cup
Soy milk, soy cheese, soy meats, soy yogurt and soy products Tofu

AVOID FLAX 163,000 units per ¼ cup
Flax seed, flax oil, flax cereal and flax bread

Black Cohosh
Primrose Oil

Hummus/garbanzo beans
Sesame seed
Multi grain bread

Phytoestrogens also include all bio-identical estrogen therapy and non-compounded (WILD yam) progesterone cream


Bio-identical just means biologically similar. So estrogen products that are bio-identical are biologically similar to our body's estrogen. This means birth control pills, synthetic hormone replacement therapies; phytoestrogen and petro-chemical estrogens are also bio-identical. Bio-identical is just a fancy term under the guise of "natural" that deceives woman in thinking this form of estrogen is safer. Look at the images below and see how they are similar to images of phytoestrogen and synthetic estrogen use. All forms of estrogen have the potential of increasing breast cancer risk!

Bio-identical estrogen cream
Bio-identical estrogen pellets
Bio-identical estrogen patch

2. Synthetic estrogens

Synthetic estrogen is the estrogen most people are aware of. This section has all the research that shows it has been linked to breast cancer and uterine cancer. These are ERT's (estrogen replacement therapy), HRT's (hormone replacement therapy) and BCP's (birth control pills).

Synthetic estrogen and progestin (synthetic form of progesterone) mimic our own, but they are not the same. Molecules have been added or subtracted so that they can be patented and sold. Since the estrogen is a copy it simply does not work exactly like our own and will have a negative effect on our body and breasts. The synthetics are strong and toxic; many have been linked to cancers. Studies have shown the women taking HRT's have lower bone density, increase risk of heart disease, blood clot, and weak muscles. Other estrogen dominate symptoms are PMS, symptoms of menopause, migraines, low libido, irritability, insomnia, yeast infections, hair loss, fibrocystic breasts, polycystic ovaries and depression. View entire list.

Misconceptions with estrogen. Why women believe they're low when they're not

Blood and saliva tests are not accurate. They can only test the 26 forms of estrogen found in a women's body; they cannot test for the environmental estrogens affecting women daily. Environmental estrogens are very strong, not weak like "they" tell the public. Environmental estrogens interfere with the hypothalamus and pituitary glands. They are responsible for hormone imbalance. If the body is constantly being bombarded by environmental estrogens, the pituitary believes the body has plenty and stops making it. Thus the woman is tested low for her estrogen because all the receptors are filled with environmental estrogens which are petrochemical, synthetic, and phytoestrogens. This mechanism is also seen when cortisol levels are too high. Cortisol interferes with the hormone balance in women. Too much cortisol disrupts the messages and makes the pituitary less sensitive to estrogen, causing test results that may be unreliable due to cortisol interference.

This is why many women, who are actually estrogen dominate, will test low with blood and saliva and are given even more estrogen, thus increasing their risk for cancer. Remember, menopausal woman have no progesterone and high levels of estrogen from exogenous sources. This fallacy is similar to girls given Birth Control Pills; higher levels of estrogen masks the real problem.


Birth control pills
ERT-Estrogen replacement therapy
HRT-Hormone replacement therapy
IUD'S with hormones, which are estrogen

Progesterone does not cause cancer. Women who have breast cancer that is stimulated by estrogen is called estrogen receptor positive. This accounts for around 80% of breast cancer. Of this 80% that are estrogen receptor positive, 20% will also be progesterone receptor positive, but only in conjunction with the estrogen receptor positive. There is no breast cancer that is solely progesterone receptor positive.

Progestin is the synthetic form of progesterone which causes many issues, including increased risk of cancer, thus the misconception by many doctors.

3. Petro-chemical estrogens

Petro-chemical estrogens are strong environmental estrogens that mimic estrogen and they are toxic. These are found in everything that is made with petrochemicals (which means petroleum-based) from laundry detergent to house cleaners. Keep in mind that they are very small particles, but the problem is not their size it is the amount the public is exposed to for years that accumulates. Petro-chemical estrogens pass through the skin layer and do not break down. This means they sit in our cells forever - DDT, PCB's and dioxins are the worst. This toxicity is passed to the fetus thus causing children to be born extremely toxic. This toxicity grows with each generation.

The skin is the largest organ and it absorbs everything! A baby's skin is 10x thinner than an adult. When petro-chemicals are used in a hot shower they are ingested as fumes straight into the lungs. Perfumes and fragrances are inhaled and go straight to the brain.


Hair care products
Skin care products
Nail products
Bath and body products
House Cleaners
Perfume, cologne and room scents
Laundry soap and dryer sheets
New carpet
Fresh paints and paint thinner
Glues and solvents
Plastic bottles
Non-organic foods, with pesticides and added hormones
Pesticides in gardens and house spray for bugs
Car exhaust
Do not heat food or water in plastic in the microwave
Do not drink hot liquids in Stryofoam or plastic cups


Natural is not organic!! Just because it is in health food store does not mean it is safe for use!


They cause skin irritation, increase the signs of aging, cause DNA damage, LV/KD damange, respiratory complications, paralysis, convulsions, coma, and cancer.

Sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate SLS/SLES-detergent and emulsifier
Propylene glycol
Mineral oil, petroleum, Paraffin, Aluminum
Acrylamide Parabens
DEA/ Diethanlamine Emulsifiers and/or foaming agents
Triclosan-antibiotic soaps
Phenol carbolic acid
Dioxanne/PEG/polysorbates, laureth, ethoxylated alcohols

4. Stress

When you are stressed your body will produce high levels of cortisol and adrenalin. Too much cortisol and your body will no longer respond to hormone signals in your body. When the body is chronically stressed these levels remain high and disrupt the chemical messages, causing many harmful side effects and more importantly it will age you!


1. Compounded Progesterone Cream

Fight environmental estrogens and create hormone balance Compounded progesterone cream is the easiest way to balance your hormones and decrease breast vascularity. Progesterone receptors are only found in the breast and ovaries, so apply directly to the breasts to decrease vascularity. Repeated thermograms illustrate how (pls see images) this is the only correct application method to reduce vascularity and risk.

As mentioned above, progesterone does not cause cancer.

Most women are actually progesterone deficient. Use a compounded progesterone cream to balance your hormones. Progesterone pills are not effective. Non-compounded progesterone cream or progesterone cream derived from wild yam is actually estrogenic and will increase a hormone imbalance and make it worse. Only get your progesterone cream from a compounded pharmacy. Some holistic doctors may want to mix your progesterone with other ingredients. Years of clinical breast thermography experience shows this does not work due to estrogenic properties of these other ingredients.

Notice reduced vascularity in Post Progesterone Cream image on right. Patient, who was previously estrogen dominant, now reports decreased signs and symptoms of menopause after applying cream directly to breasts for 6 months.

2. Use all organic or petro-chemical free body and house hold products.

Natural is not organic!! Just because it is in health food store does not mean it is safe for use!

Shop at our all organic bath and body boutique to create a healthy lifestyle to protect the breasts.

Organic hair products, soaps, lotions, dryer bags, bath bombs and salts!

Be Gorgeous Green
Petrochemical free skin and nail products.
Pamper yourself and mother earth!

3. Eat all organic food avoid hormones and pesticides.

Eat organic grass-fed beef, chicken,eggs, wild fish, dairy (yes, all the cheese and butter you can eat!), raw nuts, sweet potatoes, wild rice, fruit and vegetables. Drink coffee, unsweetened teas, wines, champagnes.

Veggies and fruits are high in anti-oxidents, meaning they fight free radicals which are harmful to the body.

Avoid aspartame and sucralose the harmful ingredients in artificial sweeteners. They are highly carcinogenic, meaning they cause cancer, and many more problems, including weight gain!! If you HAVE to use sugar, use raw or brown sugar, something real.

Avoid fish and farmed fish as it is very, very, very toxic. Many people are being tested with unheard of levels of mercury.

Avoid legumes, peanuts and lentils as they are toxic.

Avoid the following oils: polyunsaturated oils, including no sunflower oil, no safflower oil, no cottonseed oil, and no canola oil. Only use centrifuge-extracted coconut oil. Avoid all other coconut oils as they are heat-processed which changes the molecular structure. Only use olive oil if it is cold pressed, never cook with it, as heat creates rancidity. We recommend organic butter. Ever make the correlation that heart disease incidence has dramatically increased in the last couple decades, after we stopped cooking with butter? Grandma was right; it tastes better with more butter!

Avoid soy milk because it is toxic and a phytoestrogen. Avoid almond milk because it is rancid which increase chances of cancer and rice milk because it is high in sugar and carbohydrates. Drink raw milk, it does the body good!

Avoid eggs and chickens that are feed soy or flax.

Avoid products that say "omega 3's" this is usually flax added to the product.

Avoid smoked nuts due to rancidity.

Avoid potatoes, white and brown rice. Wild rice is acceptable.

4. Limit sugar, grains, carbohydrates and processed foods

Sugar, grains, and carbs, when not utilized by the body, create inflammation. Inflammation is what creates insulin resistance (diabetes), heart disease (nope it's not from cholesterol ladies) and cancer. Think about what carbs or grains (pasta, oatmeal, bread, and rice) look like when cooked, soggy. Well that is what it is doing in your gut, creating a swamp. Grains stop the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Eat clean whole foods that move effortlessly through the intestines.

Grains are hard on the intestines. Lectins in grains are mildly toxic, inflammatory, resistant to digestive enzymes and they have the ability to sneak out of the intestines and have been found in the organs. Phytates in grains block the absorption of minerals. Don't worry! All the nutrients in grains are found in meat, veggies, fruits and nuts and are more bioavailable (more easily absorbed into the system) than those found in grain. Many people are sensitive to gluten; this is just another sign that the public doesn't need grains, and that the grains are keeping them sick, fat and at risk for many diseases.

5. Get plenty of beauty sleep.

This is the only time the body can replenish itself. The average woman needs 8-9 hours of sleep. Don't age yourself; go to bed early.

6. Vitamin D

Americans are deficient in Vitamin D. Why? We have all been hiding from the sun. Believe it or not the sun is healthy in moderate doses. Without it we would die or at least be deficient in vitamin D. Try to get outside 15-20 minutes a day. Vitamin D is difficult to supplement because it is easy to overdose and is highly toxic. Avoid sunscreen; it is a petro-chemical and causes cancer. Your body has an amazing ability to adapt to the sun, it is called a tan. Start out slow and build up to longer times in the sun. Have fun in the sun!

7. Circulation

Circulation is fundamental. Circulation allows for blood, oxygen and nutrients to flow smoothly while removing waste products. When circulation is inhibited disease may follow. Keep moving!

Try not to wear an unwire bra as this impedes lymph drainage. Remove your bra as soon as you get home. Antiperspirants do exactly what they say, stop perspiring. Perspiration allows the body to cool itself, and is another way for the body to remove toxins. If the toxins can't expel naturally they will build up in the lymph nodes. Antiperspirants also contain aluminum, which causes cancer.

Exercise gets the blood moving and increases circulation. Also estrogen is stored and produced in fat cells, decrease estrogen dominance by maintaining a healthy weight at all times throughout your life.

Massage the breasts. Easiest time is in the shower. Soap them up and do a minute on each one.

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Shop in our exclusive all organic and petro-chemical free bath and body boutique. With the support of our medical practitioners you can keep things simple while achieving your highest level of vitality. Come to our boutique in the Design District to re-design your lifestyle.

Use high quality organic products. After all, you are what you wear; wear organic

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